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Calle Goya, 133
Tel: 91 402 32 86

Calle Iris esquina - Calle Santolina, (el Cantizal)
Tel: 91 631 66 04

Avenida Reyes Católicos, 8
Tel: 91 638 67 38

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en Implantología Avanzada y Estética dental
15 años de experiencia
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Dr. Gerardo Corbella
Más de 9000 implantes dentales colocados
exitosamente a lo largo de su carrera profesional
Dr. Rodolfo Corbella
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Unidad médica dedicada a pacientes
con necesidades especiales
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Dental Clinic in las Rozas - Majadahonda - Goya - Hilarión Eslava , especialistas en implantología avanzada

Your world-class dental clinics in Madrid, Spain

Welcome to Dental Corbella. We boast 4 dental facilities in Madrid outfitted with the most advanced technology, and a highly-experienced medical team.

Doctors Rodolfo and Gerardo Corbella Spezzi are the lead surgeons, specialists in Advanced Implantology and Dental Aesthetics, with 15 years of experience in their fields.

We are pioneers in carrying out treatments such as our “Teeth in place in one session” and “Your dental treatment in a single session” options. Every week we welcome patients from across Spain, and other countries, in need of high-quality, reliable dental treatments. Moreover, you can save money by receiving dental treatment in Spain, generally more affordable than in other countries.

We can organise your trip from your country to Spain: accommodations, treatment, etc.

We look forward to seeing you at Dental Corbella!


Dental treatments

At Dental Corbella we perform all the specialties of modern dentistry, helped by the most modern techniques in each specialty.

Dr Cerrado y Rodolfo Corbella

Our Team

At present, the medical staff of dental clinics (Las Rozas, Majadahonda, Hilarión Eslava and Goya) is headed by doctors Gerardo Corbella and Rodolfo Corbella, both oral surgeons and specialists in Advanced Implantology. With a long professional career, in which they have been able to perform hundreds of successful surgical interventions and place more than 15,000 implants.

  • Specialists in complex and little bone cases

  • 15 years of exclusive experience in Advanced Implantology

  • Fixed team of doctors in the 4 dental clinics



Thousands of patients endorse us. Thanks to them, more and more cases of great complexity are being derived.

In other clinics I had been told to undergo bone grafts of the skull, and then I had implants and teeth, which was more than 1 year of treatment. Dr. Corbella did it all in one surgery!

I was not happy with my smile, and I was not very sure about what I wanted. I did a study and I could see before starting the treatment, so the result was just what I predicted!

I had a panic to the dentist. Thanks to the sedation I did not hear anything, and I do not exaggerate

They know very well what they do. No wonder they are patients are growing.

I had gone to a franchise and was given a treatment that did not sound good. Dr. Corbella suggested a much more logical and simple treatment. I made a good decision.

My treatment was organized in very few appointments, since I live outside of Madrid and it was not practical to do it in many as others suggested me.

We want to help you

The most important thing for us is the patient, to be able to offer the treatment that best suits their needs,

Open hours
  • Monday - Friday
    10:00 – 14:00 / 16:00 – 20:00
Our clinics
  • Clínica dental en Goya
  • 91 402 32 86
  • Calle Goya 133, Madrid
  • Clínica dental en Hilarión Eslava
  • 91 082 4832
  • Calle Hilarión Eslava 47, Madrid
  • Clínica dental en Majadahonda
  • 91 638 67 38
  • Av. Reyes Católicos 8, Majadahonda, Madrid
  • Clínica dental en Las Rozas
  • 91 631 6604
  • c/ Santolina esq c/ Iris, Las Rozas, Madrid
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