Prostheses placed on dental implants allow restore health and aesthetics of your mouth when you have lost one or more teeth. Experts in dental implants in Madrid of clinical Corbella answer some misconceptions about dental implants.

They are only substitutes dentures for seniors

Absolutely. They can be implanted in anyone over 18 years, which is the estimable age for completion of bone development. From that age, there is no limit. In fact, improving oral aesthetics through dental implants often is caused by the broken tooth.

You need to have a broad jawbone

Corbella Dental surgeons are specialists in cases of little bone. There are advanced techniques that allow dental implant placement of implants and fixed teeth with a very high success rate. The teeth can be implanted in anyone even if you do not have a large enough jawbone.

The body can reject resulting diseases

The titanium material from which these parts are made is biocompatible, so that the possibility of allergies or rejection by the patient is discarded. Dental implants can fall at any time Dental implants are screwed, so that no risks that emerge from his mouth. Some dental implants can last well cared for life: to have proper oral hygiene, avoid risk factors such as snuff and go periodically to review your dental clinic will help increase the lifespan significantly. However as the teeth, if not properly cared for can last less than expected.

Any dentist can place a dental implant

Watch out! To put an implant must have both prosthetic surgical studies as provable, in addition to preparing to study and evaluate the area to implement as they may present risks that should solve the implantologist know if they appear.