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Benefits of unloading splints

In recent years, unloading splints have become one of the most demanded devices in dental clinics. It is increasingly common to talk to people who use them or see how they take them off and put them on, storing them in the case or box that comes with them. 

Despite this high rate of people who use them, They are often confused with other types of splints, such as maintenance or teeth whitening. 

In this entry we are going to explain to you what is a discharge splint specifically and what are the main benefits of using it.


What is a discharge splint?

The discharge splint is a type of dental splint made of a transparent acrylic resin material, with a thickness of around 3 millimeters, and which It is made to measure the patient's jaw. It is placed on the teeth of the upper or lower arch of the mouth. 

Its main objective is to cushion involuntary bite that we do and release all the tension accumulated in the jaw. It is used most frequently while we sleep, but it is also possible to use them during the day, especially in the most severe cases of bruxism. 


Benefits of using a discharge splint

  • It is a fully adapted system to the patient's teeth. They are manufactured after a prior study of the teeth and their movement. 
  • Helps fight effectively and with a high rate of effectiveness bruxism, as well as the problems derived from this in the temporomandibular joint.
  • Prevents rubbing and wear of teeth. As well as the possible cracks, and even breaks, that the pressure they exert can cause. 
  • With them we can Immediately reduce bite tension and achieve relaxation of the muscles of the face. 
  • We can even improve the sleep quality with its frequent use. 
  • Relief regarding joint inflammation (synovitis, capsulitis and retrodiscitis). 


When is the use of a dental splint necessary?

The use of dental splints should always be recommended by a dental specialist, who analyzes the specific case and determines whether this treatment is appropriate. 

The most common symptom that we have to attend to occurs when we are aware that we grind our teeth while we sleep, which produces not only their wear, but can also lead to the loss of teeth. 

Even so, we can establish a series of points that give us indications that its use is recommended. 

  • You wake up with jaw pain. 
  • You have to make efforts to open your mouth. 
  • Your jaw hurts when you yawn. 
  • You have difficulty biting. 
  • You have headaches or neck pain. 



It is fundamental that your dentist continually monitors the effectiveness of the device. Therefore, after starting its use it is very important to go to a specialist to analyze if it is still effective. 

In addition, it is very important to follow a series of recommendations regarding hygiene, such as: 

  • Cleaning. Scrub it with a toothbrush and water with each use. 
  • Enter it in a container with water and an effervescent tablet for an hour at least once a week. 

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