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Does wine stain teeth?

We all know the benefits and advantages What wine has on our health, as well as how harmful it can be in excess. But, even without excesses, we find something harmful about having a glass of wine from time to time. 

And yes, affirmatively, wine, especially red, stain teeth. It is very integrated into our Mediterranean diet, not only because of the benefits it has, but also on a gastronomic level. We have an authentic world that surrounds the concept of wine. 

But we are not here to talk about the pros and cons of wine. But of the problems caused by wine in our oral health.


Why can wine change the color of our teeth?

This change in the color of our teeth when drinking wine occurs because the wine contains acids, natural dyes and tannins, all of them components that can leave our teeth stained. 

There are two factors that especially influence the color of teeth when drinking wine, especially if it is red:

  • The nature of the wine, where the level of acidity (which etches the enamel) has a direct influence. Just as white wine has more acidity, but it does not leave a stain because it is “white”.
  • The particularities of enamel dental of each one. There are people more prone to the accumulation of bacterial plaque, as well as people with stronger enamel than others. 

How can we combat these stains?

Although the most effective solution would be not to drink wine, at Dental Corbella we want to propose other effective alternatives to mitigate these stains. 

  • Wash ourselves teeth 30 minutes before of consuming red wine to eliminate bacterial plaque. But You are never inmediatamente después of consuming wine, since the friction of the brush with our teeth will aggravate the problem. 
  • Try No. consume wine white before red. The higher acid in white wine will weaken our enamel before consuming the red. 
  • Finally, a good Oral hygiene. It is essential to prevent the accumulation of bacterial plaque, as well as keep the enamel in perfect condition. 

What can the dentist do for me?

First of all, the first thing the oral specialist will do is a Insights of the situation of the stains. Evaluating its origin and causes of discoloration, to continue with a treatment specific. 

This usually consists of Two parts. The first, a cleaning thoroughly, and depending on the case, this may be enough. But normally, the most logical thing will be to apply a teeth whitening, as long as it is applied to natural teeth and not implants. And that the reason for the discoloration is not for other reasons, which can lead to other types of oral problems. 


As we have observed, wine does stain teeth, but this does not have to be a problem, nor does it mean that we have to stop consuming wine. It will be enough to have a control over our oral health, go to check-ups with our trusted dentist with some frequency and maintain adequate hygiene. 

At Dental Corbella we have some of the best professionals who will make your mouth a unique and clean space. Don't hesitate, and call us. 

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