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What is odontophobia and how to overcome it?

All people, to a greater or lesser extent, have a certain respect or fear of making periodic visits to the dentist. Nerves, bad feelings or uncertainty are usually common when we go to the clinic, on the way to it or on the same day or even the days before the appointment. 

This fear of the dentist, when it occurs to a large extent, has its own name, although its use is not very common: it is called odontophobia or fear of the dentist.


According to studies, around 20-30% of the population feels this irrational fear of going to the dentist. 

The symptoms that may indicate that we are facing a case of odontophobia are nerves, sweating or verbosity, which in many cases can lead to cancellation of the appointment. In more serious cases it can lead to tachycardia, paleness, cold sweating, hyperventilation and even fainting. 


Causes of odontophobia 

Here we leave you with some of the most common causes that can cause odontophobia.

  • A bad experience in the past. It is quite logical to think that if at some point in the past a bad experience at the dentist has caused the patient to suffer too much pain, they will develop a visceral panic about going again. 
  • Shame. Showing the poor condition of your mouth can cause a feeling of shame that blocks us. 
  • Dentist's instruments. Many people are terrified of all the objects that oral health professionals use. 
  • Lack of trust. The fear of giving up some control, in any way, makes us feel insecure and lose comfort completely. 
  • Lack of knowledge in the case of children. Who do not understand what it is or what it is for or what a dentist does. 


Tips to overcome odontophobia 

There are some tricks to overcome this atrocious panic and make visits to the dentist, as much as possible, much more pleasant. 

  • Good communication between patient and dentist. It is important that the patient knows at all times the treatment to which he is being subjected and what its steps are. 
  • Monitored Sedation. It is a type of sedation that significantly reduces the patient's nervous tension and anxiety. At Dental Corbella we have our own anesthetist to be able to provide this service to our patients.
  • Try relaxation techniques before going to the dentist. 
  • Become familiar with images or videos with patients in the office being treated. 

At Dental Corbella we offer a series of complements with the aim of greater peace of mind for patients: from having pleasant smells and sounds in the clinic, to a relaxation room that provides tranquility.

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