Dental veneers, very thin sheets that adhere to the visible part of the tooth, are an alternative to braces to close gaps between teeth, uneven teeth match and fix chipped teeth, besides getting whiter teeth.

One of the latest techniques in dentistry are the Lumineers Veneers, most revolutionary aesthetic dental treatment in recent years that are placed without having to modify the tooth without the need to remove any part without anesthesia. It is a noninvasive technique that has a long list among American celebrities whose aim is to achieve a perfectly aligned white smile.

Unlike traditional veneers, Lumineers wafer-thin veneers preserve tooth structure without turbine or puncture. You can put even on existing restorations, including crowns and produce sensitivity. They offer a perfect union with the gum, so the aesthetic result is very natural. In addition, it is a completely reversible treatment.

This treatment is available in clinical Dental Corbella, Lumineers official center in Madrid. For placement, the first diagnosis is performed to determine the size and color of the same. In a second consultation, it proceeds to its placement.

Maintaining these dental veneers is simple, requiring only cleaning daily and annual reviews to your dentist.