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At Dental Corbella, dental veneers are an aesthetic and precise solution to improve the appearance of your teeth.
They are thin sheets of porcelain or composite that are placed on the front surface of the teeth to improve dental aesthetics, correcting imperfections such as discoloration, misalignment or fractures, achieving a more harmonious smile.

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High quality materials

We use cutting-edge materials, such as high-quality porcelain or composite, to guarantee durable, resistant and naturally aesthetic veneers.

Color and shape customization

Each veneer is customized in terms of color, shape and
size, ensuring a perfect integration with your smile
existing and a natural result.

Minimally invasive procedure

The application of dental veneers involves preparation
minimal tooth enamel, preserving the natural structure
of the tooth while achieving a significant improvement in
dental Aesthetics.

Correction of minor defects

Ideal for correcting minor defects, veneers offer
fast and effective results in cases of stains,
irregularities or small malformations.

Durability and resistance

Dental Corbella veneers are designed to resist
daily demands, providing a long-lasting aesthetic solution with proper care.

Custom process

Our team of professionals guides each patient through
of a personalized process, from the initial evaluation to
the placement of the veneers, ensuring results that
They meet your expectations.

Quickly visible results

Dental veneers offer visible results quickly,
transforming dental aesthetics effectively and
providing an improved smile in a short time.

Exclusive laboratory

We have an exclusive laboratory, ensuring a
full control over the design and fabrication of the veneers
dental. This comprehensive approach guarantees accurate results,
personalized and durable.

Thanks to Smile Design you can see your smile
desired almost at the moment. The most used treatment
for this design is the placement of veneers, in combination
with crowns and/or whitening.


To correct minor aesthetic defects, such as stains, irregularities in shape or small malformations. They are also an option to close spaces between teeth (diastemas).

The time may vary depending on the number of veneers and the complexity of the case, but generally, the procedure is completed in two or three visits.

The process is generally painless. Slight tenderness may be experienced during adjustment and preparation, but is minimized with local anesthesia. In addition, the veneers we use at Dental Corbella are usually ultra-thin, making the procedure less invasive as it requires less carving.

How long veneers last depends on several factors, including the patient's dental care and eating habits. With proper care, they can last 10 to 15 years or more in the case of ceramics.

Regular oral hygiene habits, such as brushing and flossing, should be maintained. It is also recommended to avoid foods and drinks that can cause stains.

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