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Almost every day we receive patients in our clinics with this limitation: they have little bone in their jaws to be able to place implants, and therefore, to be able to have fixed teeth.
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To address bone atrophy, we design customized solutions. In most cases, we avoid bone grafts and take advantage of the natural bone available, which is usually more beneficial than grafted bone. However, in unavoidable situations, resorting to autologous bone grafts, block grafts or maxillary sinus lifts may be necessary.

"The only possible option
is wearing false teeth,
"You don't have a bone."

This is what many of our patients in other centers have heard. After years of training and experience, our surgeons are able to provide approximately 99% of patients with a permanent solution, avoiding uncomfortable removable dentures. We even avoid offering them as a temporary solution; We always analyze cases to provide fixed teeth from day one.

Our solutions

When it comes to restoring a mouth with little bone in the jaws, a wide range of possibilities opens up. These specialized treatments, such as pterygoid, cortical or zygomatic, are offered only by highly trained surgeons. The choice of the most appropriate one is determined after a free study that is carried out in the 1st patient visit. 


It can be due to a variety of factors, such as tooth loss, periodontal disease, bone resorption, or congenital conditions.

Yes, in many cases it is possible to receive dental implants even with little bone.
At Dental Corbella we are specialists in cases with little bone.

It depends on various factors, but in the hands of trained professionals, it is high and similar to that of cases with adequate bone.

It is not, as it is performed under local anesthesia, so patients may experience minimal discomfort. Medication is prescribed for the procedure.
Furthermore, it can always be done with conscious sedation and our anesthetist.

A comprehensive clinical study is carried out that includes radiographic images and evaluation of the patient by the Dental Corbella team. This 1st visit and study are free.

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