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Estefania - Zygomatic implants

Extreme case of little bone in both jaws. Rehabilitation with zygomatic implants and tibia graft (patient's leg bone). Today we bring you a treatment carried out by Doctors Rodolfo Corbella, Juan López-Quiles (surgical part) and Antonio Mora (implant prosthesis). We can consider this case as very complex due to its difficulties: bone atrophy and severe peri-implantitis were the main obstacles.
A few weeks ago we successfully finished the case, so we are as happy as the patient Estefania, challenge overcome!



Diagnostic study:

  • Severe upper jaw atrophy.
  • Failure of old implants with severe bone destruction.

Case planning:

Superior Treatment:

  • 4 zygomatic implants
  • 1 conventional implants.
  • Provisional immediate loading. (Teeth fixed on the same day)

Lower Treatment:

  • 7 implants between mental nerves.
  • Provisional immediate loading. (Teeth fixed on the same day)
patient Estefania zygomatic implants-1 patient Estefania zygomatic implants

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