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How to brush your teeth correctly

Know how to brush your teeth correctly It is essential to have full oral health. We use our teeth continuously at any time of the day when digesting food, which causes food and bacteria to accumulate on them. Furthermore, their aesthetics is a fundamental factor, therefore, having them healthy and looking good is of vital importance.

For these reasons, we are going to explain everything you need to know about correct tooth brushing in this article. 


Is it really important to brush your teeth correctly?

We carry out this activity so automatically that it seems like something completely natural for human beings: up, down, up, down, like this, sometimes to the sides and we rinse. We have such mechanized movements that we rarely stop to really think about what we are doing.

This  oral cleaning automation This is why many people do not brush correctly. Only occasionally or once we go to the dentist do we realize that their oral cleaning routine is poor.

La oral cleaning, in general, and the brushedSpecifically, they form the basis for maintaining ideal oral health. It's essential develop good habits and obtain basic brushing techniques to effectively remove plaque.


How to brush our teeth the right way?

Although it seems completely simple, the truth is that many people reach adulthood without having an ideal brushing technique.

Most children brush only the front parts and the rest in a fairly superficial way, spending less than a minute. In this way, they reach adulthood without really knowing how to brush their teeth.

That is why here we will tell you some cases to be able to brush our teeth in the correct way:

  • Place the brush horizontally When it comes to the gum line at a 45 degree angle, maybe you will reach the gum groove, where more dirt accumulates.
  • Brush using horizontal movements, and then gently press from the gum towards the tooth to remove all the dirt. Try to do it in the entire mouth without leaving any teeth, so that everyone has complete protection
  • Moving to the back sector of the front teeth, you must clean them one by one, placing the brush vertically and using circular movements. Also, remember to always brush your gums, so that they also remain healthy.
  • After this, brush the grooves of your teeth in each of the directions: from front to back, from back to front and to the sides. To finish brushing, use dental floss to reach all the spaces between your teeth. In addition to cleaning your tongue well.

If you follow these steps, you will surely reach the recommended two minutes and you will learn to brush your teeth correctly. Your visits to the dentist can be considerably reduced while your oral health improves.

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