The holiday period does not have to mean a change in our habits of dental hygiene. However, Gerardo Corbella, expert dentist in Las Rozas, notes that often around the holidays patients have higher oral disorders as a result of a less regular dental cleaning.

Increased plaque can lead to the onset of gum disease, reddening of the gums and increase the risk of caries. So while traveling, the change in routine and increased eating out keep you from a thorough brushing after every meal, it is important not to neglect the one before bed that also should be two minutes least as well as the after breakfast. One option for when you can not brush your teeth is chewing sugarless gum, it helps clean teeth, although it should be noted that in no case is a replacement therapy.

Nor should neglect the use of dental elements such as splints, as the frenetic pace of dates increases the pressure exerted on the teeth. If ample time passes without them, besides the symptoms reappear before use as jaw pain or discomfort, returning to them they may not perfectly fit the teeth due to a possible shift of the teeth.

Another problem encountered by dentists at this time is perceived increased tooth sensitivity to a higher intake of cold drinks or ice cream. However, this dentine hypersensitivity is caused by the intake of drinks with PH acid such as juices, wines and soft drinks, demineralizating tooth and that combined with poor hygiene, causes cold foods are in contact with dentin, causing that feeling of sensitivity. To avoid this it is best not to eat this type of food or drink and if done, it is important that brushing occur one hour before intake of acid in a circular motion.