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How to clean teeth with Braces

Keeping in mind that oral cleaning is the first possible prevention that you can do when it comes to having correct oral health, always prevent before cure, as the popular proverb said, whether you decide start taking care of yourself as if you have some type of orthodontics and decided to find out about how to clean your teeth well with braces, this is your article.

It is worth remembering, both for people who have some type of dental appliances and for those who do not, that correct dental cleaning It is the main and most efficient deterrent tool to avoid diseases periodontal diseases, infections or the appearance of cavities. 


In the specific case of wearing braces, and due to the difficulty in cleaning food remains both on the surface of the tooth and on the bracket itself, a perfect ecosystem for the development of bacterial plaque, poor technique can accelerate the appearance of diseases.

Therefore, at Dental Corbella we believe in raising awareness as part of a correct methodology and we want to place special emphasis on this process, teaching you the correct technique so that you have optimal dental hygiene .

We know that the process is hard and laborious, especially in the first contacts, but once you internalize and add these habits to your daily cleaning routine, the health of your oral cavity will not only be maintained, it will also improve significantly.


1. Rinse properly

Before using the brush and proceeding to clean your teeth, it is completely It is advisable to rinse with water to eliminate as much residue as possible. stored in the mouth. This process makes brushing easier, both the teeth and the brackets themselves.

2. What are the best brushes to clean teeth with braces?

After proper rinsing, just as good brushing is essential, so is your tool. The correct choice of toothbrush, and more so in the case of orthodontics with braces, is essential. 

In this case, and for offering you some options that must be approved by your orthodontist, electric toothbrushes, interdental brushes or single brushes they are the best options.

In brief, the electric toothbrush is the most effective, but you must be careful if you do not want any bracket to come off; And, as for the other two brushes, the interdental and the single brush are equally effective in removing the most hidden remains, but require more dedication and technique. 

Once the brush has been decided, toothpaste is also equally important. At this point we recommend a fluoride-containing paste to protect the gums and strengthen the teeth because, when wearing orthodontics, teeth with braces tend to be more sensitive.

3. Brushing teeth 

As for technique, the main point that determines the state of your dental health, we recommend that, if you wear braces, do not brush insistently or you may wear out the brush quickly. 

La correct technique It begins with the inclination of the brush, cleaning the upper and lower area of ​​the bracket with gentle circular movements. This will help remove food debris stuck to each bracket. After this, this process will be repeated with the rest of the areas of the mouth.

Once the areas where the most food remains accumulate have been cleaned, will proceed to clean both the wire and the hooks, brushing from top to bottom. This movement will also clean the part of the tooth that is above the braces.

If you want an optimal cleaning, also performing this last movement, you should clean the inside of the tooth, taking special care with the area closest to the gum.

4. Interdental brush and dental floss

It is recommended, after brushing, clean inaccessible areas to conventional brushes with this type of more specialized brushes and dental floss. Due to the inclination of the conventional brush and the engineering of the orthodontics itself, there are more complicated areas in which the bristles of the conventional brush are unable to access. 

5. Mouthwash

Due to the amount of food debris that adheres and the ease of plaque accumulation in orthodontics that use braces, mouthwash ends up removing the last remains that could not be eliminated during the previous processes. 

It will be difficult, but once you have internalized and put these tips into practice on a recurring basis, you will have achieved success. If you still have any problem of this type or any other related to your dental health, at Dental Corbella we advise you individually to resolve any query in a personalized way. We will wait for you!

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