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Lasting restoration for all patients

Crowns are a versatile and long-lasting solution for restoring damaged, weakened or aesthetically compromised teeth. Customized to perfectly fit the shape and color of your teeth, these crowns offer structural strengthening, post-operative protection after treatments such as root canals, and are essential in the restoration of dental implants. Their durability, resistance and aesthetics make them an integral option to improve the functionality and appearance of your smile in the long term.

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Custom restoration

We design custom dental crowns to perfectly fit the shape and color of your teeth, providing aesthetic and natural results.

Quality materials

We use high-quality materials, such as ceramic and porcelain, to ensure the strength, durability and aesthetic appearance of our crowns.

Strengthening weakened teeth

Dental crowns strengthen weakened, fractured teeth or teeth with large restorations, improving strength and preventing future damage.

Postoperative protection

After treatments such as root canals, dental crowns provide additional protection, preserving the
dental structure and avoiding possible complications.

dental implantology

We use dental crowns in the restoration of dental implants, offering a complete solution for tooth loss with aesthetic and functional results.

Durability and resistance

Dental crowns from Dental Corbella are designed to withstand the daily demands of chewing and provide
a long lasting solution.

Use of high quality zirconium

As an added advantage, we use zirconium, a high-strength material, to ensure durability and aesthetics.
exceptional of our dental crowns.

Exclusive laboratory

We have an exclusive laboratory, allowing us total control over the design and manufacturing of the crowns,
guaranteeing precise and personalized results for each patient. This comprehensive approach ensures high-quality dental crowns that enhance both the function and aesthetics of your smile over the long term.

Whether restoring functionality or improving aesthetics, our dental crowns are a reliable option for a
radiant and healthy smile. Consult with our professionals at Dental Corbella to discover how dental crowns can improve your oral health.


The length of the procedure varies depending on the case, but is generally completed in two visits. On the first visit the tooth is prepared and an impression is taken, and on the second visit the permanent crown is placed.

It is generally painless. Local anesthesia is used during tooth preparation to minimize any discomfort. When several have to be placed, there is the option of hiring Monitored Sedation (LINK), with which it will go unnoticed by the patient.

How long crowns last depends on dental care, eating habits and other individual factors. With proper care, they can last 10 to 15 years or more.

Regular oral hygiene habits, such as brushing, flossing, and/or irrigating, should be maintained. Additionally, hard foods that can damage the crown should be avoided.

They are primarily used to restore existing teeth, but can also form part of a dental bridge or be placed on dental implants to replace missing teeth.

Yes, at Dental Corbella we offer ceramic and zirconia crowns (Metal free) that provide superior aesthetic results compared to traditional materials that usually contain metals.

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