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Diastema: a fashion that is too risky

When we are little, any different physical feature is cause for ridicule; until, suddenly, you grow up and those defects become originality, characteristics of an exotic personality. Do you remember the gap-toothed in the childhood? Well, this faction, what is diastema, is now trending among celebrities.

If you're wondering why, the truth is that that's how fashions are, and even more so when you find them in certain circles, but these, sometimes, can cause some consequences that make them dangerous preferences. We tell you why.


What is diastema and why has it become a trend?

Let's start at the beginning: if you want to know what a diastema is, we will summarize it in a simple way, and it is the separation of two or more teeth, leaving a small gap between them. Normally, it is very common among upper central incisors, better known as “palas”.

From Elijah Wood, best known for his role as Frodo in The Lord of the Rings, through Zac Efron, the famous Troy from High School Musical, to Brigitte Bardot or Robin Williams, the actors and actresses starred in the movement almost “unintentionally”, showing it as something natural in their physical features.

Some of the best-known models, such as Jessica Hart, Lara Stone, Lindsey Wixson or Georgia May Jagger, also marked a change in this area, and They made it a trend among the high artistic spheres.

However, diastema can develop certain oral health problems of the patients who suffer from it, and, although we must show our different features naturallyNor should we normalize dental problems. 


What are the causes of diastema?

El teeth growth is different in each patient. Some may experience the reduction of teeth over time, others their separation and movement, and others even their non-appearance at all. 

Among all these situations, diastema is produced by different reasons related to movement and missing parts, since they are the origin of the rest beginning to move, creating that space between them. 

In addition, the disproportion of the teeth is also one of the reasons why diastema occurs; when these are smaller than usual, they do not occupy all the space allocated for their thickness and gaps are created.

The most artificial cause: surgery to fix your teeth

As we have already said, diastema has become a trend among the artistic sectors, which has made many people go to clinics to undergo surgeries little invasive for create the effect on your teeth

But, as we have said and like any oral health problem, it can cause subsequent conditions that are not taken into account during the dental change process.

How to correct the diastema of your teeth?

Let us remember that it is essential reiterate the importance of self-love and the defense of natural defects to learn to love ourselves, but some like diastema They may have side effects later that we must prevent.

In this case, the diastema in the teeth can be treated with different methods, such as a orthodontic treatment adapted to the oral cavity, fillings that cover the entire hole, or the use of veneers or implants if the piece is very damaged by rubbing and the passage of time.


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