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Fixed teeth in one day

At Dental Corbella we're leaders in advanced implantology. In nearly every case we're able to extract unhealthy teeth, insert the required implants, and attach the fixed teeth, with the patient then able to carry on with their daily life immediately thereafter.

At Dental Corbella, we have a goal: for everyone to be able to enjoy fixed teeth. That’s why we’re not big fans of removable dentures. Not even temporary ones.

At most European dental clinics you have to wait four to six months after the implants are inserted before fixed teeth can be made. Meanwhile, the patient has to make do with removable dentures like the ones our grandparents used to wear.

With the “immediate loading” technique, unhealthy teeth (if any) are extracted and the dental implants and fully fixed temporary teeth are inserted and attached within a matter of hours, leaving the patient completely satisfied in record time.

There are multiple advantages to having immediate teeth and implants from the very beginning:


Unlike dentures, fixed teeth are much more natural in appearance.


They're much more practical and manageable, as they don't have to be taken out and put back in.


You can eat the very first day with the teeth almost as if they were original ones.


Gums heal better this way and maintain their attractive appearance.

What’s more, in many cases – and thanks to our surgeons’ experience and expertise – we can carry out the insertion of the implants using guided surgery. This means that scalpels are not used for cutting and no stitches are needed.

Can all teeth be replaced?

The cases in which the patient requires a complete rehabilitation (we speak of a maxilla or both) are undoubtedly those that end up more satisfied in Dental Corbella.

As we said, it is possible to chew or smile again in a single session; even in patients with little bone in the jaws. Specifically, the procedure can be explained in several steps:

  • Appointment 1: The patient meet us.

    The patient visits us, we perform an X-ray or CAT scan, and Drs. Corbella study your case. It is when we propose a treatment plan. If you agree to start, a day is chosen for the intervention and some molds and some pictures are taken for the day of surgery and provisional teeth are available.

  • Appointment 2: Day of the intervention.

    First, the diseased parts are removed (if they exist), and then the necessary implants are placed in the jaws. The normal is usually between 6 and 8 implants for each arch. We recommend for this procedure the Monitoring Sedation, with which the patient will be relaxed, besides helping the postoperative period.

    Finally, the fixed teeth are placed, which our prosthetist has already made. From this moment, the patient will be able to bite and smile with confidence, and will have a fixed denture, which although provisional, functionally will be almost like the definitive one. You should follow a medium diet (it is not necessary soft).

  • Appointment 3: A few days after the intervention.

    A control review and the necessary adjustments are made. From here on, we will not see the patient again for a few months, which will be when we start to make the permanent prosthesis, which can be made of various materials, at the patient’s choice (although Corbella’s doctors will advise him in his specific case). The materials are usually Cad-Cam high aesthetic porcelain or zirconium, porcelain metal or composite metal. All these finishes are of very high quality, since we collaborate with the best laboratories, besides having one of our own with highly qualified professionals. As we also work for patients who live outside Madrid and Spain, we can also organize your stay with hotels with which we have advantageous agreements.

I have little bone. Can you do something?

  • The answer is clear: YES.

  • New techniques in implantology implants allow us to place even fixed teeth on the same day.

  • Dental Corbella we receive patients from all over Spain, even abroad, interested in this type of treatment, as only a few doctors are trained to solve such cases.

  • The type of technique will depend on the study applies make Drs. Corbella. Bone fillings, sinus lifts, pterygoid or zygomatic implants are some of them.

  • For cases in which the patient does not have a bone in the upper jaw the best option is the zygomatic implants, which are longer than standard, and allow us to "ground" in the zygomatic bone, located in the area of the cheekbone. The biggest advantage of this type of treatment is that complicated surgeries with bone grafts are avoided, many months of waiting, and get fixed teeth on the same day almost always.

  • If you were told that you have little or no bone in the jaws to place implants, you have to know that we can always provide a solution. It is important to have a second opinion.

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