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At the forefront in the Dental sector

At Dental Corbella, we pursue excellence in every aspect of our service. 
We integrate digitalization, advanced appliances and an exclusive laboratory to guarantee the best dental treatments. 
Our commitment to quality extends even further:
We are ISO 9001 certified and have the prestigious Dental Excellence seal. 
Additionally, we offer a private driver service for a worry-free experience. 
In each of our clinics, we have relaxation rooms for greater comfort,
as well as photographic studies to document each stage of your treatment. 
At Dental Corbella, excellence is more than a goal; It is our promise.

3D Dental and intraoral Scanner Technology

It provides detailed three-dimensional images of the mouth for accurate and safe diagnoses, eliminating the need to visit external radiology centers. This means greater convenience and less waiting time for patients. 

Intraoral scanners improve surgical procedure planning, facilitate communication with patients and the laboratory, and reduce environmental impact by eliminating traditional impression materials. It offers precision, comfort, speed and elimination of human errors, providing a more pleasant and efficient experience in daily clinical care.

Exclusive Prosthetics Laboratory

We have a dental prosthesis laboratory dedicated exclusively to our 5 clinics. This guarantees direct quality control, shortening production times and promoting effective communication between our dentists and laboratory technicians, who have cultivated a long relationship of collaboration and experience over the years.

ISO 9001 and Dental Excellence

The ISO 9001 certification and the Dental Excellence quality seal in our clinics demonstrates our commitment to excellence in patient care and quality in services. These international standards ensure that we follow rigorous quality management processes in all areas of our practice, from diagnosis to clinical procedures. We strive to ensure a high level of patient satisfaction and adherence to the highest quality standards at Dental Corbella.

Photographic Studies

We have three audiovisual studios in our clinics and two recording sets, equipped with high-resolution cameras, specialized lighting and various backgrounds and accessories. It allows us to document the patient's initial status, facilitate communication with them, monitor treatments, as well as serve as a diagnostic and dental treatment planning tool.

Relaxation Room

It is a space available in our clinics designed to provide comfort and peace of mind to our patients. With a warm and welcoming decoration, it offers a relaxing atmosphere to reduce stress and anxiety before procedures and allows you to rest after an intervention. Equipped with soft music and entertainment options, the relaxation room ensures that your experience is as pleasant as possible.

Exclusive driver

We offer an exclusive private driver service for complex treatments in our clinics. We provide comfort and convenience by eliminating the worry of transportation, ensuring a safe and stress-free transfer to and from our facilities. This guarantees punctuality for surgical appointments, allowing for a more relaxed and worry-free experience for our patients.

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