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Rubbers for braces in orthodontics What are they?

Hen/Stag rubber bands for braces are those small elastics, made of different materials or colors, that are used to hold the arches of a orthodontics when it needs additional support in its structure.

If you have ever worn a device or a friend has had this experience, we are sure that you will remember it, especially when it was during childhood or adolescence. You want to know more? Keep reading.


What are braces rubbers for?

As we have already mentioned, the orthodontic rubbers They are a fundamental piece in this type of dental treatments, because they allow, through the closing of the arch of the brackets, to unite those spaces between the pieces of our teeth.

It is an essential part of its structure (although sometimes you do not see them because they are transparent), and its main function is to maintain that balance of force between the teeth so that they do not continue to separate.


Types of gums for orthodontics

Probably, the first braces rubber bands that come to mind are those very brightly colored ones that we used when we were children. The reality is that there are many types depending on its material and color, but we like to separate them mainly by function:

Orthodontic ligatures

In cases where it is a fixed orthodontics, we return to the bracket rubbers that we have already mentioned: those small elastics that are used, mainly, for join the arch of the teeth to the structure of the appliance and that are molded according to the patient's oral needs.

Intermaxillary elastics

On the other hand, and less known, we can find intermaxillary elastics. They are those that are used for align the upper and lower jaws with the objective of correct the patient's bite

They are usually thicker and larger to reach a greater distance if the person's teeth require it.


When are the rubber bands put on the braces?

There are two options in which a patient can begin using elastics for braces: throughout the treatment, to ensure that it fulfills its function in the dental union, or only at the beginning of it during the settling phase.

On the other hand, if the question is directed to when the braces are put on during the day, you can use them throughout the day or only at night. This decision will be made by your dentist.


Steps to place orthodontic gums

Do you already know how to apply elastic bands to your braces? First of all: ask the professional in charge of your device, since he is the one in charge of changing them every 15 or 20 days. Second: you can refresh your memory with the following steps. Attentive!

If it is a regular orthodontics:

  1. The professional will remove the elastics one by one using professional dental equipment, in order not to hurt you at any time.
  2. He will adjust the device a little more to adapt it to the new state of your teeth.
  3. He will carefully place the new rubber bands, hooking them to the auxiliary elements of the brackets.

If it is a intermaxillary orthodontics:

  1. The dentist determines the exact points at which the orthodontic elastics will be renewed.
  2. However, the following steps are up to you. You will have auxiliary elements to make your work easier and remove them during mealtimes or when brushing your teeth.


Some tips for wearing rubber bands in your orthodontics

Now that you know everything you need about what brace gums are, their types and functionality, from Dental Corbella we give you some tips for wearing these elastics correctly during your treatment:

  • Always be guided by the recommendations and steps dictated by your dentist; He is the professional and knows the oral health status of your mouth. Do not ignore it!
  • Renew regularly your orthodontic gums; usually, every 15 or 20 days since the last session with your dentist.
  • You must commit to the treatment! There is no point in using the elastics 3 times a week, and then taking them off for the rest; The results will only appear if you are constant.
  • Use elastics correctly or your treatment will be in vain. 


Do you think you are ready to get your orthodontics? We are waiting for you at our dental clinic to apply the best treatment according to your needs and those of your mouth. Get in touch with us and make your appointment online to discover the benefits of a detailed and personalized consultation.

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