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Immediate loading implants: New tooth in 4 hours

As we mentioned in our previous article, when we lose a tooth, we find it necessary to replace it with an implant. 

It is necessary to place an implant when you have a diseased tooth or when you lose a tooth, to avoid changes in your teeth. In this way we would avoid wearing down the bone and the rest of the teeth. When you lose or remove a tooth, the adjacent teeth tend to move and occupy the empty space, causing the gums to strain more and causing discomfort in the jaw.


Another problem that tooth loss usually causes is difficulty chewing, which can end up causing serious digestive problems. 

Many patients have diseased teeth but hesitate to have implants, because they do not want to spend several days or months without those teeth. Spending time without a tooth waiting for the complete treatment to be performed causes discomfort in patients when smiling and even self-esteem problems, among other things. 

So, what is the solution to avoid having to spend 3-6 months waiting to have the tooth placed?

The solution is immediate loading implants. In this treatment, the dental implant and the provisional prosthesis are placed in a few hours. 

Performing the entire treatment in just 4 hours is possible with our Advanced Implantology. This is the most used treatment for oral surgery and the one we most recommend to our patients. 

Advanced Implantology 

In this treatment we extract the diseased teeth and perform the immediate loading implant on the same day. 

To avoid causing discomfort to our patients, we recommend that they perform this treatment with Monitored Sedation, so they will not notice anything at all. 

On the day of the intervention we remove the diseased teeth, place the dental implants and the provisional tooth. This temporary tooth will be almost like the permanent one, it will be very comfortable and will not cause you any discomfort. On the contrary, it will allow you to bite and smile with confidence. 

Advantages of immediate loading implant: 

  • Aesthetics, the appearance is more natural.
  • Comfort.
  • Practicality.
  • Quick healing.

There are more complicated cases in which patients have little jaw bone, which causes the implant to not hold well and fail. But in our clinic the lack of jaw bone is not an obstacle to having a perfect smile in 1 day. 

At Dental Corbella we have 20 years of experience in dental implantology, do not hesitate to tell us your case to recover your smile in a few hours. 

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