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Experts in advance dental implantology

Dental implants in Madrid

Our doctors have 15 years experience in dental implant treatments. During this period, Drs. Corbella has been able to carry out more than 7,000 dental implant surgeries successfully. For the peace of our patients, the guarantees of this type of treatment far exceed those offered by any other dental clinic.

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Dental implants are titanium fixings that are placed in the maxillary bone in order to replace lost or diseased teeth.

At Dental Corbella we work with world-class brands, which guarantee the highest quality and latest technology.

We practice what is called Advanced Implantology, thanks to which implant and fixed teeth can be placed in the majority of cases in the same session.

Advanced Implantology - Clínica dental Madrid | Dental Corbella

Advanced Implantology - Clínica dental Madrid | Dental Corbella

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has become very popular in recent years, due to its application in various fields, such as traumatology, sports medicine and aesthetic medicine. In dentistry it has been used for various treatments such as dental extractions, dental implants or soft tissue grafts.

Growth factors make bone growth faster and of higher quality, apart from favoring the healing of soft tissue. As advantages, we found several such as the fastest integration of the implant in the bone, the lower risk of infections and the reduction of pain and inflammation.

At Dental Corbella we are pioneers in the application of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). First, a sample of the patient’s blood is obtained, which is processed in the centrifuge machine, which separates the platelets and growth factors from the rest of the blood components. Then, the platelet concentrate is applied to the area to be treated.

Specialist dentists in cases of little bone

Our surgeons Corbella Spezzi doctors are widely trained in Advanced Implantology, have performed thousands of surgeries successfully in the last 15 years, and are trained to place dental implants that require greater expertise, such as pterygoid or zygomatic.

Implantes dentales en Madrid, implantes dentales, implantes dentales madrid

Advanced Implantology - Clínica dental Madrid | Dental Corbella
Frequent questions

Can everyone have dental implants?

Yes, except in exceptional cases. Contrary to what can be believed, age is not an impediment, rather it is usually some very specific diseases.

does it hurt?

Getting dental implants does not hurt at all. It is done with local anesthesia, and for some cases, such as dental phobia or anxiety, we recommend Conscious Sedation, with which the treatment will become even pleasant. This is a pioneering service that we offer at Dental Corbella.

What is Immediate Load?

  • We are specialists in "Fixed teeth on the first day", also called "Immediate loading". On the same day the implants and the fixed teeth are placed. This is what we always look for in Dental Corbella, as it is what we know that provides our patients with maximum satisfaction.
  • In a standard clinic, the usual procedure is:
  1. Carry out the extractions.
  2. At 3 months, they place the necessary implants.
  3. At 4-6 months, and after having used as provisional an uncomfortable denture, the fixed prosthesis is placed.
  • In DENTAL CORBELLA, and whenever possible, we perform the extractions, the placement of implants and the fixed teeth IN THE SAME DAY, with which the patient will take a normal rhythm from day 1.

If I need several dental implants, do they all fit together?

It is advisable, since it is much better for the patient to have only one surgery, to take only one medication and a single postoperative one.

I have little bone. Can you do something?

Of course. Patients with LITTLE BONE in the jaws are not a problem. Each patient is given a type of solution depending on the case, since our surgeons are specialists in low bone cases, so they are accustomed to receiving consultations from patients who in other centers have given a negative response .

Can you put dental implants WITHOUT surgery?

This type of intervention is also called "minimally invasive", and it is when the intervention is performed without cuts, so there is no need to give points. The dental implant is placed through the gum. Corbella doctors always can place the implants in this way, since the patient's discomfort is minimized.

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