Dental Corbella, a leading clinic in dental implants in Madrid, explains the different stages of the traditional treatment of dental implants.

First, you must diagnose the patient’s oral condition to assess the situation presented and identify the most desirable alternatives.

Once the specialist has Identified The most Appropriate alternative, the next phase is surgical intervention, Where the dental implant, tooth root Which will function Within the jawbone is placed. For Those Who Have dental phobia May require conscious sedation technique, in Which the anesthetist, intravenous sedation administered through the degree Necessary for the patient and dental treatment.

From this point, the patient must wait for osseointegration, ie, the integration of dental implant With Bone, period ranging between 3 and 4 months to occur.

After osseointegration is positive, the phase of the prosthetic dental implant treatment, Consisting in Placing the prosthesis on the dental implant starts.

Finally, do not forget about the maintenance stage as if it Were a tooth natural, Because They Will not suffer, Although problems like tooth decay if other diseases May occur.