Dental Corbella, a leading dental clinic in dental implants in Madrid, specializes in the placement of dental implants without surgery. This procedure, known as “minimally invasive” is performed without any cuts, so do not need stitches. The dental implant is placed directly through the gingiva, thus patient discomfort is minimized.

Minimally invasive surgeries dental implants are just one of the innovative techniques that Dental Corbella used to provide solutions to its customers. In his dental clinic in Goya, Las Rozas and Majadahonda also offer implants and fixed prostheses that can be placed in a single day, this means a significant reduction in time compared to the approximately six months he had traditionally wait to make teeth fixed.

In addition to patients suffering from anxiety or phobia dentistry there conscious sedation technique, in which the anesthesia professional, via intravenously administered sedation level necessary for the patient and dental treatment. In this way the patient will be relaxed enough to not learn anything during placement of dental implants.