From Dental Corbella, dental clinic in Majadahonda, say one of the main problems of the patients, the cases where the patient has some bone to place dental implants.

In the words of Dr. Rodolfo Corbella Spezzi, “There are many cases of patients who visit us in consultation, and think their case is unique and difficult to solve. They have visited other clinics and received the refusal to place dental implants to bone atrophy (loss of bone in the jaw). “

Cases are studied in depth, so they decide what the best dental treatment to be followed by the patient. Some cases are resolved with sinus lifts, and always try to place implants and fixed teeth in one day. Thus, while both heal implants and bone grafts, so the duration of treatment is reduced.

However, they report that there are cases where the jaw bone based on the patient is not enough to carry out this type of treatment, so the solution is the zygomatic implants. This is a longer than standard implants, as they have to be “anchored” in the zygomatic bone. The advantages of this technique are that no bone grafts are required, and gives the possibility of immediate loading, ie, to place the same day fixed teeth implants.