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Pterygoid implants

What is a pterygoid implant?

This is a special type of dental implant that our surgeons at DENTAL CORBELLA use to address situations of bone atrophy in the upper jaw. They are part of Advanced Implantology, so the doctor's great experience is required to guarantee a successful treatment.

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Solution that provides

“There is no bone to place implants”
“The only option is to wear removable dentures”
“Sinus lifts and bone grafts must be performed”

These are some of the phrases that our patients hear in other centers NOT specialized in cases of little bone in the jaws.

The Drs. Corbella receive every week
patients from all over Spain with this limitation.
Thanks to treatments with pterygoid implants, among others, we can anchor these fixations in the upper jaw, and achieve fixed teeth.

How is the treatment

Pterygoid implants are placed in the jaw bone in
the pterygomaxillary process of the sphenoid, taking advantage of the
bone density for greater long-term stability.
Although the procedure is similar to that of implants
conventional, requires meticulous preliminary work of the
surgeon to guarantee correct insertion, avoiding
complications and ensuring successful osseointegration.


The duration of treatments is optimized by avoiding bone graft surgeries.

Costs are saved by eliminating the need for bone grafts.

The integrity of the maxillary sinus is maintained.

The results are more predictable and reliable.

Allows you to place fixed teeth on the first day.


Although similar, pterygoid implants require careful tilting to reach the pterygoid process of the sphenoid.

They are ideal when the amount of bone in the maxillary tuberosity is limited.

It is performed under local anesthesia, minimizing discomfort, and the postoperative period is usually manageable with analgesics. If it is also performed with conscious sedation, it will go unnoticed by the patient.

In addition to being a shorter treatment, it is usually cheaper than surgeries with sinus lifts and bone grafts.

In a first visit at no cost, a study is carried out and it is determined if pterygoid implants are the best option for your case.

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