Dental Corbella, specializing in dental implants in Madrid clinic, which explains the differences between the two methods and what is the most recommended are depending on the case.

The traditional method for dental implants which are placed is surgery where the dental implant within the jawbone, as a root is placed. After surgery, the patient must wait 3 to 4 months the implant is integrated into the bone, a process known as osseointegration.

Dental Corbella bet in almost all cases by the technique of Advanced Implantology. This technique allows one session in damaged teeth removed if necessary, place dental implants and fixed teeth completely within a few hours.

This technique of dental implantology is a big difference in the quality of life of the patient, you need not wait months to have their teeth fixed while wearing dentures removable, as with traditional techniques. Thanks to this technique, the patient can enjoy fixed teeth on the same day of the intervention and eat with them, gums heal better with this technique and aesthetic appearance it is much more natural than false teeth.

For these reasons Dental Corbella recommended, provided that the patient’s condition permits, the technique of immediate implant, allowing a single day have fixed teeth, thus reducing the impact and increasing patient comfort.