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Fear of going to the dentist?

¿Panic or fear of going to the dentist?

At Dental Corbella, we have the resources needed so your visit to the dentist is as pleasant as it can be. To this end – depending on Dr Corbella's advice and the procedure to be carried out – we can offer a number of services aimed at alleviating anxiety.

sedacion consciente

Monitorized Sedation 

Twilight sleep is a pioneering service we offer at Dental Corbella. In the event of anxiety or fear – or for complex procedures – it allows the patient to remain minimally conscious and relaxed enough to not be aware of anything during the procedure. It can be applied to both surgery as well as what is referred to as intensive dentistry.

Deep sedation

This technique is used in various cases: for special patients or those with a fear of needles. In the latter case, because an IV can’t be inserted into the patient’s arm, a mask is placed on the patient so that they become drowsy. This way, the patient is prepared for the IV. From then on, it becomes twilight sleep.

Besides the anesthesiologist, there is a nurse in attendance to assist throughout the entire procedure.

Fear of going to the dentist - Clínica dental Madrid | Dental Corbella


Frequent questions

How is it done?

  • A minimally invasive way: it is necessary to channel an arm vein for drug administration.

  • The patient is monitored to control their vital signs (cardiovascular, respiratory and brain), in order to maintain maximum control of the patient.

What benefits can I get?

  • Peace, comfort, relaxation, security.

  • Improving working conditions operative surgeon, and allows a quick and comfortable recovery.

Is it safe?

  • It is a highly safe technique. With patient monitoring and doses and types of drugs commonly used for conscious sedation, we can consider that the risks are minimal.

  • These administered as anti-inflammatory and gastric protectors, drugs are fully reversible, and with them a better port-operative will be achieved for the patient