From Dental Corbella, dental clinic in Las Rozas, they discuss and resolve any doubts that may arise regularly about orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics is a treatment aimed at correcting the position of teeth, and possible deficiencies in their corresponding bones.

If the treatment is done correctly and timely manner, the alignment of the teeth is achieved, resulting in a normalization of the position and size of the maxilla and mandible. In this way the teeth fit perfectly, trying chewing food. The ultimate benefit is a better preservation of teeth and enamel.

There are several treatment modalities, depending on the problem to be corrected and the patient’s age:

  • Preventive treatment: based on attention in the early growth phase or a person. Try to eliminate child disfiguring habits.

  • The interceptive treatment: aimed at facilitating the normal output of permanent teeth and improve its size and position of the jawbone, especially when changing baby teeth by the final (7 to 11 years) starts.

  • Corrective treatment: indicated when they have already left permanent teeth (12 to 15 years).