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Dental Corbella

Our story is a journey full of passion and commitment to dentistry. Our parents, Dr. Isabel Spezzi and Julio Corbella have been beacons of inspiration. From the beginning, they guided us with deep values: honesty, seriousness and the constant search for excellence.

Dr. Isabel Spezzi

In the 70s, Dr. Isabel Spezzi began her dental career, and in 1983, she inaugurated the first Corbella Spezzi Dental Center in Majadahonda. Then, my brothers Gerardo and Rodolfo took over in 2001 as regular dentists, opening a new clinic in Las Rozas. Later, I joined to contribute to the management of our clinics.

In 2014, due to the growing demand from patients in the capital of Madrid, we opened the clinic on Goya Street and, shortly after, Hilarión Eslava 47. In 2022, we saw the opportunity to open a large center in the Salamanca neighborhood, where we could give life to new projects to improve the quality of care for our patients: our flagship, the Ortega y Gasset 55 clinic, was born.

Over the years, we have evolved to make visits to the dentist as pleasant as possible, incorporating the most modern techniques and the latest advances in dentistry.

We always focus on quality at all levels, maintaining the values ​​of a family clinic, promoting innovation and continuous training.

We deeply appreciate your trust in us and we hope to live up to your expectations.

With gratitude,

Hernan Corbella
Director of Dental Corbella

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