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5 dental clinics in the Community of Madrid

More than 40 years after opening our first clinic, and after having served thousands of satisfied patients, Dental Corbella has 5 centers in the Community of Madrid.

Goya Clinic

Practically in front of the Wizink Center, you will find our modern dental clinic at Goya 133. With five offices equipped with the latest technology and designed for your comfort, we guarantee a comfortable experience. In addition, we offer a relaxation room so you can feel calm before and after your appointment.

Our large operating room allows us to perform complex procedures with precision. We have a photography studio to document each case from start to finish. In addition, we have three intraoral scanners and CBCT (3D CT) to obtain precise diagnoses and treatments.

Clinic in Salamanca neighborhood

Welcome to our dental clinic at 55 Ortega y Gasset Street!

Located in a privileged location in the Salamanca neighborhood, our clinic has five fully equipped offices, as well as a relaxation room, a complete photographic studio with a recording set, a training room, three waiting rooms, two of which are private, allowing you to They will provide privacy.

This center is located on the corner of General Díaz Porlier Street and has four floors, thus guaranteeing comfortable and easy access by elevator.

Our clinic on Ortega y Gasset Street is the jewel in the crown of our company, the flagship of Dental Corbella, and (said by our patients) it is the best and most beautiful dental clinic in Madrid!

Clinic in Arguelles

Our clinic on Hilarión Eslava Street 47 in Madrid is on the corner with Cea Bermúdez, it has 2 dental offices, a photography set and a modern orthopantomograph.

Very close to the neighborhoods of Moncloa and Argüelles, and with direct access to the A6 highway.

It has easy access for all our patients, and there is a public parking 20 meters away.

Clinic in Majadahonda

It was the seed clinic of Dental Corbella, where it all began more than 40 years ago, although years ago the clinic was moved to its current location, with the aim of modernizing it and providing better access and amenities for our patients.

It has 2 large cabinets, orthopantomography and 2 intraoral scanners.

Clinic in Las Rozas

We recently inaugurated our new facilities, much more spacious and modern, allowing us to provide even better care to our patients. We are located in the peaceful area of ​​El Cantizal de Las Rozas, a quiet residential neighborhood that facilitates parking practically at the door of the center. 

We have three large dental offices, a relaxation room, a 3D CT machine and several intraoral scanners to guarantee accurate diagnoses and efficient treatments.

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