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Your dental treatment in a single session

Thanks to this effective protocol developed by Dental Corbella, we can minimize the number of appointments required for most treatments, sometimes managing to complete them in a single visit. Furthermore, it is usually performed with Monitored Sedation, so the procedure will go practically unnoticed by the patient. We invite you to discover intensive dentistry.

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The Magic of Dentistry in a Single Session.

One of the most exciting advances in dentistry is the ability to complete procedures in a single session. There is no longer a need to schedule multiple appointments and wait weeks for results. Our work protocol, refined over years of experience, offers you the opportunity to enjoy a new smile and optimal oral health in the blink of an eye. We already applied it in our star treatment of “Fixed teeth in a few hours”, but it has been extended to almost everyone.

How do we create this new way of working?

It was a simple response to our patients' needs. At Dental Corbella, we have always been lucky to have patients from all over Spain and even from other countries. To optimize the visits of these patients, we began to implement this work protocol. Thanks to this approach, we were able to significantly reduce the number of appointments needed for the patient, saving time and effort. From then on we began to offer this procedure to all our patients.

A solution for most patients

This methodology allows us to concentrate practically all dental treatments, including general surgery, implantology, conservative dentistry, sanitation and prosthetics. We begin by carefully studying the patient's case, and then we organize it following our Intensive Dentistry protocol. Furthermore, thanks to the application of Monitored Sedation, the experience is much more comfortable and bearable for the patient.


Saves the patient time by reducing the number of appointments needed. Additionally, it provides the convenience of performing multiple treatments in a single session, resulting in a healthier, more attractive smile in less time.

Actually, it is not like that. The process begins with a thorough diagnosis of the case, which allows us to plan and organize treatment appointments accurately and safely. Furthermore, thanks to the application of Monitored Sedation, patients experience a generally more comfortable and smooth postoperative period.

Safety is a priority in Intensive Dentistry. It is carried out with a highly trained medical team and strict protocols are applied to ensure patient safety at every step of the treatment.

Yes, it can be suitable for patients of all ages, as long as their needs and health conditions allow it. It is customized to meet the individual needs of each patient.

It may vary depending on the type and number of treatments performed. In general, it is optimized to be as efficient as possible.
In the first session, it is common for approximately 80% of the total treatments to be performed.

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