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Invisible orthodontics

The most comfortable way to align your smile.

No one will know you are wearing them

Using custom-made removable transparent aligners, your bite is corrected and your teeth are aligned in a discreet and comfortable way.

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Our process
tu new smile in 3 steps

How does it work?

Aesthetic, removable and practically invisible aligners are used, thanks to which the position of the teeth and the bite are corrected. The goal is to achieve the best functionality and aesthetics for the patient.

Quote 1: 3D virtual simulation

We will do an intraoral digital scan and some photos. We will explain to you what the treatment consists of, and you will be able to see a simulation of the final result without having started the treatment!

Appointment 2: Case planning

It's time to design your personalized treatment plan. Our team gets going!

Appointment 3: Start your treatment

We have already prepared your aligners, which you will have to change periodically so that they make those small “movements” in your mouth, until you achieve the desired smile and occlusion.

How long does treatment take?

Your treatment may last from a few months for simple cases, up to a year and a half if it is more complex. During this time, you will be able to lead a normal pace of life, without interruptions and without altering your aesthetics. Every 6-8 weeks we will do periodic check-ups, and you have the option of, using a device, sending photos of your teeth to our clinic and communicating with your doctor from anywhere in the world.


It is suitable for adults and adolescents with dental alignment or bite problems.

The duration varies depending on the case, but generally lasts from 6 to 18 months.

The aligners must be removed when eating and brushing your teeth, making oral hygiene easier. They should also be cleaned regularly with water and a soft brush.

You should avoid eating while wearing your aligners to avoid damage. Yes I could drink water.

You should wear them for as long as possible, at least 22 hours a day. It is good to get used to taking them off only to
eat or brush your teeth.

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