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Calle Goya, 133
Tel: 91 402 32 86

Calle Iris esquina - Calle Santolina, (el Cantizal)
Tel: 91 631 66 04

Avenida Reyes Católicos, 8
Tel: 91 638 67 38

First-class dentistry

We offer you four dental clinics in Madrid, boasting the latest technology in the dental industry.

Our clinics treat foreign patients, both those living in Spain as well as foreign patients visiting us for dental treatment.


From the rest of Spain
United Kingdom
Other countries
How it works

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If you are in Madrid: call us for an appointment, at which we’ll get to know each other and advise you on the best treatment.

If you live outside Spain: send us an email or call us to tell us about your situation. If you can, send us an X-ray so that Drs Corbella can advise you on the best dental treatment.

If you subsequently decide to visit us, we can arrange your trip to Madrid, including flights, stay, airport pick-up, etc.

Plan your trip - Clínica dental Madrid | Dental Corbella

Your treatment will be carried out by Drs. Corbella, dentists with 15 years of experience. What’s more, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that at Dental Corbella we use only the finest materials and brands on the market, and provide comprehensive, written guarantees for your dental treatment.

Madrid, Spain’s capital city, is highly appealing to tourists. Besides its lovely climate, a broad range of cultural and leisure activities are available. The Prado Museum, Plaza Mayor and the Royal Palace are but a few examples of the places you can visit. We’d be pleased to offer you our advice.