Surgeon Dr. Rodolfo Corbella Spezzi Advanced Implantology Specialist (Associate number 28006741)

“There are many cases of patients who visit us in consultation, and think their case is unique and difficult to solve. They have visited other clinics and received negative

to place implants to bone atrophy (loss of bone in the jaw). Each case is studied in depth, in this way we decide what is the best treatment for the patient.

Some cases are resolved with sinus lifts, and always try at the same meeting place implants. Thus healing will all at once: implants and bone grafts, whereby the treatment time is reduced. Now there are cases where jaw bone of the patient base is not enough to carry out this type of treatment, so the solution are the zygomatic (or zygomatic) implants.

This is a longer than standard implants, as they have to be “anchored” in the zygomatic bone. The advantages of this technique are that no bone grafts are required, and gives us the possibility of immediate loading, ie, to place the same day fixed teeth implants.

Rigorous studies have shown that the success rate of this type of implant is close to 99%. I leave a case of a patient for whom we have done this treatment. In his case, he had gone to 7 (seven !!) centers, and none of them had provided this possibility.

caso zigomaticos