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Gum scraping: What it consists of and why it is done

Do you know the importance of gums in your oral health? These are not only part of the structure of your mouth and, therefore, its health, but they can also be the key to identifying possible periodontal pathologies. Apply the gum scraping It's just another part of the care process.

If you want to know more, keep reading this post that we have prepared for you from Dental Corbella, your clinic for a dental treatment trustworthy. Forward!


What is gum scraping? 

Gum scraping, also known asscaling and root planing»Or«curettage«, is a dental procedure that is used to protect your gums from bacteria or infections, or, failing that, treat periodontal disease. 

During this process, the dentist or periodontist carefully cleans the root surfaces of the teeth and periodontal pockets (the spaces between the teeth and gums) to remove bacteria and plaque buildup that can cause inflammation and tissue damage.

This is a method that allows you to get rid of gum dirt. without causing any type of discomfort or harm to the patient, as it is carried out with local anesthesia. You don't have to have fear of your dentist!


Why is gum scraping performed?

It is carried out when the professional has identified a periodontitis or gingivitis problem. When it is located, it is important to begin the curettage as soon as possible, and with it, the gum scraping, as it is possible that the Tartar accumulated along with bacteria damages the area and create more serious problems in the future.

The experts at Dental Corbella recommend, first of all, a intensive study of the patient's mouth and the severity of your condition to later establish guidelines in a pre-established, as well as careful, scraping. Our team, with extensive years of experience, takes care of everything.


Benefits of gum scraping

Did you know that, in addition to the obvious benefit of eliminating a dental condition, gum scraping brings with it other advantages for your health? We tell you:

  • End periodontal diseases which can damage not only your teeth, but also the rest of the parts of your mouth.
  • Better oral hygiene by killing bacteria and tartar between our teeth and gums.
  • We deflate the gum and we recover a healthier looking with a pink color, thus improving aesthetics.
  • We facilitate the chewing processes, conversation or brushing teeth (that is, daily tasks), which are complicated by pain when moving the teeth.


Gum scraping treatment: how is it done?

Gum scraping or curettage, as we have already mentioned, is the first phase of the gum healing process. treatment for periodontitis. This method involves a series of careful steps that need to be carried out by a professional:

  1. First of all, there will be a deep teeth cleaning, especially from accumulated plaque, using different specialized instruments.
  2. Later, continue this hygiene process going a little further into the separation between tooth and gum with the use of a “gutter” (in periodontal pockets), getting closer to the root thereof.
  3. Then, by using these same tools, we will carry out a smoothing of the exterior area of the gum to eliminate all the accumulation of bacteria and tartar on its surface, leaving it polished and homogeneous.
  4. As a last step, a periodontist will be in charge of checking that this cleaning has been carried out carefully and that it has not damaged the gum


The best clinic for your gum scraping, Dental Corbella

Would you like to purchase a individual diagnosis directly from professionals? At Dental Corbella we have a team of experts in ending periodontal diseases and improving the oral health and lives of our patients.

We use the latest technology and processes to offer you specialized treatments, as is the case of gum scraping, that perfectly eliminate any type of bacteria in your gums. 

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