Conscious sedation is a pioneering technique offered by Dental Corbella, dental clinic in Las Rozas, combining the administration of sedatives and anesthetic to help the patient relax and block pain without affecting their responsiveness, allowing alleviate fear and anxiety during treatment

ensuring patient safety, since it is a minimally invasive technique with minimal risks as are to be at all times in a state of full consciousness.

Conscious sedation, which is administered by intravenous, is particularly suitable for interventions of longer duration and complexity performed in the dental clinic, such as implants, and is especially effective in the case of patients suffering Dentophobia, characterized by a persistent, irrational and unjustified to go to a dental clinic fear.

Therefore, so that the dentist can perform optimally dental treatment, the anesthetist will administer you the degree of sedation adapted to their needs and dental treatment, thanks to which it will be relaxed throughout the procedure.