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Conscious Sedation

Say goodbye to fear of the dentist

At Dental Corbella, we offer conscious or monitored sedation to make your dental experience more relaxed. This technique is ideal for people with dental anxiety, low pain tolerance, or who require complex treatments. You will feel calm but with a minimum level of consciousness. Our team of anesthetists guarantees your safety and comfort.

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Details matter

From the scents and sounds to the colors, it has been meticulously designed to ensure the comfort and well-being of our patients during their visit. We have relaxation rooms in our clinics so that you can enjoy a calm atmosphere before and after each procedure.

What is monitored or conscious sedation?

For many years, at Dental Corbella we have led the provision of a pioneering service, very valuable in cases of extreme anxiety or phobia, as well as in complex procedures, since it allows the patient to reach a state of minimal consciousness and total relaxation, reaching the point of not perceiving anything during the procedure. In addition, the intravenous administration of the medication guarantees rapid and precise action, which contributes to making the postoperative recovery period more comfortable and bearable.

What applications does it have?

Sedation is not only limited to surgeries, such as the placement of dental implants, but is applicable to virtually any type of dental treatment. In fact, we implement what we call Intensive Dentistry, which allows several treatments to be combined in a reduced number of appointments, sometimes even in a single session. This option is also very beneficial for patients with special needs


It is safe when administered by a trained medical or dental professional
as we have at Dental Corbella. Patients are monitored during
procedure to ensure your safety.

The duration of the effect of conscious sedation varies depending on the medications used and the duration of the procedure. The patient usually regains full consciousness shortly after the procedure is completed, although he may feel drowsy for several hours.

Driving or engaging in activities that require concentration is not recommended immediately after receiving conscious sedation. At Dental Corbella we have a driver so that he can take the patient home at the end of the session.

It is safe when administered properly by trained professionals. However, as with any medical procedure, there are potential risks, although they are low and controlled by continuous monitoring of the patient.
In fact, there are patients who, due to their pathologies, prefer to carry out treatment with sedation and with our anesthetist.

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