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Calle Goya, 133
Tel: 91 402 32 86

Calle Iris esquina - Calle Santolina, (el Cantizal)
Tel: 91 631 66 04

Avenida Reyes Católicos, 8
Tel: 91 638 67 38


At the forefront of the dental sector

Technologies - Clínica dental Madrid | Dental Corbella

3D Dental Scanner

At Dental Corbella we have recently incorporated a state-of-the-art 3D dental scanner that allows us to be at the forefront of technology.

This low radiation device allows a detailed x-ray of the patient’s mouth in 3 dimensions, so the doctor can make a super accurate diagnosis thanks to the information provided. In this way risks are minimized and we achieve maximum safety for our patients.

In addition, the dental TAC saves time and travel, since it is a modern device that is usually available only in radiological centers.

Own Dental Laboratory


We have our own laboratory that works exclusively for our 4 dental clinics. The advantages that this entails are numerous: from a greater speed in the prosthetic works to the flexibility that allows us to have a team of technicians at our service.

To all this is added the quality of the materials used, the advanced technology used with machinery such as 3D scanner and last generation ceramic furnace, in addition to the knowledge and good work of our group of prosthetists; true artisans to whom many times we do not thank them enough for their work “in the shade”.

Javier, Damaris, Mihail and Cristina: you are the best!

Technologies - Clínica dental Madrid | Dental Corbella

Technologies - Clínica dental Madrid | Dental Corbella

Photo studio

We have 2 photographic studios, one at the Goya clinic and the other one at Hilarión Eslava.

This allows us to take patients’ records, follow-up treatments (Before-After) and be able to carry out the EDP (Predictive Dental Aesthetic) protocol, thanks to which the patient can see the aesthetic result without having started the treatment.

Relax Room

In our center in Goya, this space serves patients in order to be relaxed before and after the interventions. The sessions of Relaxation Guided by our therapist are also carried out in this room. It has an armchair with 30 massage programs, Led TV, music and multimedia glasses. Due to the great reception by our patients, we will soon open a large relax room in the clinic of Hilarión Eslava.

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Technologies - Clínica dental Madrid | Dental Corbella

ISO 9001

One of the first clinics in Spain to achieve the ISO 9001 quality certificate.

Obtaining this accreditation is the result of our commitment to our patients and the commitment to quality in all processes. An important step to excellence.