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Types of gums and the care they need

We all know what are gums and what role they play in our oral health, but do we know what types exist and what care they need? How can we keep them healthy depending on their condition in our mouth? 

From Dental Corbella We answer all these questions with the help of our team of professionals to take a step forward in prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases.


What types of gums can we find?

The first step to understanding the conditions in our mouth is to identify the different types of gums that exist; As a result of this, we can begin to focus on the factors that we want to analyze to determine their healthiness.

Marginal or free gingiva

This is the gum area located just above the gum line; That is, the part closest to the tooth, and which is characterized by being more sensitive and having a light pink, almost translucent color.

Attached gum

The attached gum is that which is above the free gum, and which, as its name indicates, goes stuck to the innermost area of ​​the tooth. Its color is very similar, almost translucent pink, and it surrounds the entire teeth.

Interdental gum

Finally, the interdental gum is that which It is located between the two teeth, separating them, and which is shaped like a pinnacle. Just below the gum line, it can have different dimensions depending on the type of patient's teeth.


How do I identify if a gum is healthy?

Once you know the different types of gums, that is when you can pay more attention to each one of them to detect possible anomalies. For example, when a gum is completely healthy, it will have the following characteristics:

  • Almost translucent pink color, although this will depend on the person's skin color.
  • Completely covers the root of the tooth and is not retracted.
  • Smoothness on the skin of the gum, without a rough or dry appearance.
  • Resistance to hygiene or food consumption. 

On the other hand, if we find other factors such as the following, we must go to a specialist to treat a possible pathology:

  • Orange or reddish color, much more intense than the usual rosé.
  • Inflammation in some sensitive areas or increase in size.
  • Retraction of the gum and pain.
  • gum rough skin.
  • Bleeding when performing functions such as brushing teeth.

Probably, if you are suffering from any of these situations and go to your trusted professional, you could be diagnosed with problems such as gingivitis or periodontitis

However, to avoid this, we offer you some care alternatives that cannot be missing from your daily routine.


Solutions to take care of your gum health

These solutions are not definitive. That is, applying them and maintaining adequate care of your teeth is essential to avoid possible future pathologies, but if you are already suffering from one of them, it is best to go to a professional.

For now, we advise you follow the advice below:

Maintain correct dental hygiene

Brush your teeth three times a day, use dental floss to remove accumulated dirt and rinse your mouth after each meal. Furthermore, perform general cleaning at your dentist every so often to prevent dirt or tartar from accumulating.

Follow a healthy diet and habits

A person's diet and lifestyle directly affect their oral health, as this is main victim of lack of nutrients or harmful substances, like tobacco or alcohol.

Additionally, a diet rich in vitamin and sugars They will be a plus to keep your teeth perfect and healthy. Do not forget!

Take care of your orthodontic treatment

In case you are already using a orthodontic treatment, Whether with braces or invisible orthodontics, you must take extreme care. Clean your mouth and teeth more thoroughly, finish off the remains of your prosthesis or go to the dentist monthly for your check-ups. 


Do you think your problem is more serious and want to go to a trusted professional? At Dental Corbella we carry out quick diagnoses y custom treatments through the proximity of our team of specialists. We will wait for you! Make your appointment now.

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