Recently, a patient told us that he had rejected the idea of going to another dental clinic, as they had proposed to do its treatment in 17 appointments. Thanks to the most advanced techniques

and knowledge of Drs. Corbella, were able to finish their treatment in only 5. In addition, in the first session it held 80% of everything you need, so the rest were quick dating. This is what we call Advanced Dentistry Dental Corbella Intensive (OAI).

Thanks to this action protocol can concentrate most of the treatments that the patient must be performed on very few appointments, and sometimes only one, as when we have to place implants and fixed teeth. For the first date Conscious Sedation, which besides helping the postoperative period, allow the patient to be relaxed throughout the procedure applies.

There are numerous advantages of this technique:

It is safer because it is done with the supervision of our anesthetist.

It is less invasive treatments are concentrated in a single surgery and postoperative one.

It is faster.

We are aware that patients prefer to come to the dentist at least possible. For all these reasons, we usually apply this protocol whenever we can, and treatments like extractions, dental implants, root canals, fillings, etc.

This protocol we see long ago, when we started receiving visits from patients living outside Madrid. As usual, it was not practical to go citing patient for each treatment had to Give you, so we thought we organize it so it was much more practical, shortening the number of visits. And from there, and to the good reception, we have extended to all our patients.

Almost all patients requiring any dental treatment are candidates. When conducting the review Drs. Corbella, we can arrange the treatment plan in this way if desired.